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Kais photo album
Under Water Pictures
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These shots were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990 Digital camera in an Ikelite housing. I use a single 100A strobe and I shoot using manual settings. This camera requires a minus EV setting for closeup shots or the exposure will be overexposed. For distant wide angle shots you have to remember to reset the EV to a neutral or positive setting or the shot will be underexposed. The Ikelite wide angle lense is excellent - giving an equivalent image angle to a 15mm lense on 35mm camera. I unfortunately destroyed this camera in a non-dive related dunking, and will soon replace it with a Coolpix 995.

Fun at Italian Gardens - Catalina Island

Rookery at Santa Barbara Island

Santa Barbara Island near the arch. Fantastic dive site!

Black Seabass Everywhere! There were 6-8 cruising back and forth the whole time we were there.

I got in the water with freediving equipment to play.